10 ways to use coconut oil in your beauty routine

Beyond just being a culinary delight, coconut oil is a tropical gem that boasts of multiple benefits for your beauty routine as well. From deep-conditioning hair to providing skin with some extra nourishment, this virgin coconut oil in Bali is an unspoken gem. Unlike other coconut oils, Sahasra’s offering is cold-pressed and remains in its purest form to preserve the integrity of the ingredients. The absence of GMOs, fragrance, emulsifiers or chemical solvents also makes it a safer choice, as opposed to refined coconut oil for women.

 One product, ten ways: The Sahasra Bali Virgin Coconut Oil works as hard as you. Need proof? Here are all the ways that our organic virgin coconut oil can be used in your daily skincare regimen.

 Hair detangler

If you’ve been battling breakage and split ends while detangling your hair at the end of the day, allow coconut oil to step in as an all-natural detangler. Simply apply a light layer on the knots and comb through gently to work out the tangles.

Handmade makeup remover

If over-the-counter makeup removers are leaving your skin dry and flaky, it’s time to natural. As an anti-bacterial agent, it works on melting away even stubborn, waterproof makeup. Pour a coin-sized amount on a cotton pad and swipe off your makeup in the first go itself.

 Deep conditioning mask for hair

Often touted as mother nature’s own deep conditioner, coconut oil offers the ultimate nourishment for dry, parched strands. Whether you’re battling seasonal dullness or damage from frequent colour jobs, coconut oil can work on restoring your hair back to health when used as a weekly deep conditioner post shampoo.

 Split end treatment

If you’ve been noticing more split ends than you’d like, coconut oil can provide your frayed ends with the TLC that they need. Pour a coin-sized amount onto the palms of your hand and apply directly to the split ends to smoothen the hair shaft and restore its lustre.

Butter massage lotion

Dry, patchy skin doesn’t stand a chance against the intense nourishment of coconut oil. If heavy-duty matte formulas have been drying out your skin, restore its hydration by slathering on coconut’s nectar. In addition to hydrating the skin, its anti-bacterial properties also work well for warding off acne and untimely breakouts.

 Under-eye cream

You can also look to coconut oil for dealing with those stubborn under-eye circles that don’t seem to budge. To ensure proper absorption of the oil into the skin, opt for a bare face without any makeup or creams before going to bed and massage the oil gently into the skin.

 Shaving oil

If your skin always feels irritated after shaving, slather on an even layer of coconut oil onto your skin to prevent any inflammation afterwards. As a bonus, you’ll find it much easier to clean your razor later.


Post-sun skin conditioner

Given its nourishment powers, it comes as little surprise that coconut oil is a handy saviour for sunburned skin. A little layer of this oil massaged into the skin can go a long way for replenishing moisture to irritated, itchy skin.


Cuticle conditioner

There’s no denying that our hands can use a little extra TLC, given all the tapping and scrolling they do all day. If your cuticles have been feeling dry, soften them with coconut oil before gently pushing them back.


Massage oil

Last, but not the least, coconut oil also deserves a spot in your at-home spa routine. Since it gets absorbed easily by the skin, it won’t leave you with a greasy aftereffect. You’ll find that a soothing massage with coconut oil can help provide relief to sore, aching muscles.