How to make the most of sea salt hair spray in your everyday routine

Sahasra Bali Sea Salt Hair Spray — the name alone conjures up images of dreamy days by the sun and the sand in Bali. Living up to the moniker, this nifty hair spray bottles the best of Bali’s secrets in an easy-to-use spray. Think lightly textured hair that looks like it’s just been ruffled by the ocean breeze. And it’s not just women who’ve been raving about this hairstyling gamechanger either. Sea salt hair spray for men is definitely on everyone’s radar as well for prepping and styling hair. If you’re on the hunt for the best sea salt hair spray, here’s why you’ll want to add Sahasra’s environmental-friendly alternative to your shelf.

What is sea salt hair spray?

It does exactly what the name says it does: hair spray that has been enriched with texturising salt. After spending a long day at the beach, you’ve probably noticed how your hair feels crisply textured. This is because saltwater absorbs the natural oils in your hair, thereby helping you generate textured waves with additional volume. The Sahasra Bali Sea Salt Hair Spray delivers on all that, and more, with the use of Bali sea salt, toasted coconut oil and cucumber extract. The formula is rich in trace minerals, making it an excellent candidate for generating long-lasting, buildable hold. No need for all those sea salt hair spray DIY tutorials; just add this alcohol- and aerosol-free alternative to your everyday routine for runway-ready tresses.

How to use Sahasra Bali Sea Salt Hair Spray in your daily routine

For creating textured waves: Whether your hair is towel-dried, damp or completely dry, simply spritz this texturising spray all over your hair. Follow it up by scrunching your hair using your hands from the roots to the ends for beautiful waves.

 As a finishing spray: After styling your tresses in your chosen hairstyle, spray it lightly all over your hairstyle for light, buildable hold that will last through the day without leaving your tresses stiff to the touch.

 For creating volume: If you’re looking to add volume to fine hair, allow the Sahasra Bali Sea Salt Hair Spray a spot in your routine before any other hairstyling product. Start by flipping your hair upside down and spray it from the roots to the ends. Follow this by running your fingers through your hair to create movement and body.

 While everyone’s needs are different, you’ll find that a fine mist is a sufficient amount for creating light, buildable hold. Focus the product on the section from the mid-lengths to the ends, instead of overloading at the roots, to make the most of its texturising effect. Spray it on the mornings and say hello to sun-dried waves for the rest of the day!