If you haven't added a body scrub to your routine yet, here's why you'll want to change that

Exfoliation is an essential cornerstone of any good skincare routine, and with good reason. If you’ve been looking to restore your body’s natural glow, allow the virtues of a smoothing coconut coffee scrub to work its charm by sloughing off dead skin cells. Taking its cues from the tropical skincare saviours of Bali, Sahasra’s offering serves as the go-to coconut sugar scrub for acne. If you haven’t invited its many benefits into your skincare regimen, here’s why you should:

 Softer skin guaranteed

The skin cells on our face regularly shed to reveal healthy skin underneath, and the same is true for our body. When we are young, this skin cell turnover happens at a rapid pace, which is why baby skin is always so soft. However, as we grow older, this cell turnover gets slowed down, which is why a body scrub can be of immense help in buffing away impurities to reveal young, healthy skin.

 Reduced chances of body acne

Now that we’ve established that body scrubs are essential for exfoliation, it is easy to see the role they can play in warding off body acne. Including body scrubs in your daily routine can save your skin from clogged pores that prevent moisture from reaching the deeper layers of the skin. The combined powers of cleansing your pores and getting rid of dead skin cells together promote plump, hydrated skin that is less prone to acne.

 Smoother elbows and knees

If you’ve always found that the elbows and knees are the hardest areas of the body to smoothen, you aren’t the only one. These two areas witness the most amount of friction against hard surfaces, and are also equipped with minimal oil glands. If you are looking to get rid of the dry patches on your elbows and knees, treat your skin to a regular body scrub for getting rid of dead skin cell buildup and leaving your skin soft to the touch.

 Sugar scrubs have long been known as a gentle exfoliant, as they are less abrasive than salt scrubs. Allow Sahasra’s Coconut Sugar and Coffee Scrub to instantly transport you to the tropical paradise of Bali with its intoxicating aroma. The finely milled coconut sugar offers gentle exfoliation to the skin by buffing away impurities and dead skin cell build-up. The Balinese Arabica Kopi (coffee) hails from the highlands near the Batur Volcano. As a rich source of caffeine, it helps reduce water retention and leads to firmer, more toned skin. To make the most of its benefits, gently massage the scrub all over your body and follow up with a hydrating body moisturizer, like the Sahasra Beauty Bali Virgin Coconut Oil or Sahasra Beauty Frangipani Oil.

Steal some time from your schedule to treat your body to a coconut sugar and coffee scrub once or twice a week — trust us, your skin will thank you for it!