What Is Frangipani Body Oil?

Why you need to include Frangipani Body Oil in your beauty routine

The rise of ingredient-conscious beauty means that consumers aren’t just passively picking products from shelves anymore. As conscious consumption lays down roots in the mainstream aisle, consumers are now asking questions about ingredients, where they have been sourced from and what they can do for the skin. This has, in turn, given rise to beauty superfoods which are basically hero ingredients that offer multiple benefits at once. Frangipani oil is one of these new skincare superheroes that supplies endless benefits for your hair and skin. Join us in taking a closer look at what it can do for you. 

What is frangipani oil?

If you’ve ever visited a tropical island for a vacation, the plumeria flower has likely starred in your selfies and flatlays. Beyond serving up an Instagram-worthy lewk, this flower comes with additional benefits for your skin. The oil extracted from this colourful flower is known as frangipani, and it has been used since ancient times for medicinal purposes due to its healing properties. This tree usually thrives in warm, tropical locales such as Bali, India, the Pacific Islands, Caribbean, South America and Mexico. 

What can Frangipani Monoi Body Oil do for your skincare routine?

The plumeria tree has been dubbed as the ‘tree of life’ in ancient Indian texts due to the many benefits it offers. Beyond treating medical concerns, it has also emerged as a beauty superhero and the fragrant aroma of frangipani oil makes it a mainstay in perfume formulations. 

The exotic scent of this formula offers an earthy, natural aroma that is unlike anything concocted in a synthetic lab. The sensual floral scent works on soothing the skin, and is commonly found in Bali massage oils for pampering the senses. Apart from easing stress, frangipani oil also works as an astringent for treating skin concerns by providing moisture to dry, parched skin. The presence of the organic element, Lignin makes it excellent for anti-aging concerns by keeping the skin supple and toned and taking care of fine line and wrinkles. 

How to include frangipani oil in your everyday beauty routine?

If you’re looking for a nourishing beauty oil that relaxes the skin and rejuvenates your mood, frangipani oil makes for the perfect candidate on your skincare shelf. Reach for it after a long day at work to instantly hit refresh with its exotic scent. The Sahasra Beauty Frangipani Coconut Body Oil is crafted from our bestselling Bali Virgin Coconut Oil and infused with Bali’s ever-intoxicating frangipani flower. Derived from Bali’s most prevalent flower, its captivating and tranquil aroma exhilarates the senses for a peaceful calm. Invite it into your daily routine by using a few drops in your evening bath, massage or hair mask for pampering yourself after a long day. 

For the hair

You can choose to use frangipani oil after shampooing as a deep conditioning mask or as a detangler. It also serves as an effective treatment for split-ends when applied on damp or dry hair.  If you’re looking for a natural dandruff control treatment, leave it on your scalp for 30 minutes after shampooing and rinse it out, before following up with a conditioner. 

For the skin

You can also use frangipani oil for serving hydration and radiance to your skin by massaging it in as a body oil. It works wonders for a sensual massage experience with a partner, and can also be applied to the cuticles on the hands and feet for rejuvenating the health and appearance of nail beds.