Can Coconut Oil Make Your Hair Grow?

Long, luscious, and luminous hair is what we're all craving. We’ve heard of so many tips to grow our hair longer and stronger. The most common tip we’ve heard is to apply coconut oil to our hair to make it grow faster. Women in India and the Middle East are known for making coconut oil their number one haircare staple. Even my mom drenched it into my hair as a child, certain that it would help my hair grow exceptionally.  But does it really work? Unfortunately, there are no studies that prove coconut oil helps your hair grow at a faster rate. However, coconut oil will nourish your scalp and help you grow stronger hair.  A nourished scalp and stronger strands is key to healthy hair. Coconut oil is good for increasing the overall health of your hair. The oil can even reduce dandruff! While coconut oil cannot be your remedy to faster hair growth, it can most certainly be your guide to growing healthier hair!